Low Risk Maternity Clinic in Calgary

Maternity & Family Clinic


Maternity & Family Clinic in Calgary

Meadows Maternity and Family Practice consists of a group of female Family Physicians who manage a shared Family Practice Clinic and a shared referral based Low Risk Maternity Clinic in Calgary.  At our office, each physician does not have an individual practice.  We share our duties in the clinic and at the Rockyview General Hospital when on call for our prenatal patients.

We accept obstetrical referrals from other physicians with the understanding that we will refer both mom and babe back to their own doctor six weeks after delivery. Sometimes patients ask us if they may continue to see us for care after delivery. Unfortunately, this is not possible because our own busy family practice prevents us from accepting more patients. However, we would be happy to have you as a repeat prenatal patient.

We require a referral from your family physician or a walk-in-clinic doctor in order to arrange for your first prenatal appointment at our clinic. If you are a returning maternity patient,  your physician will still need to go through the referral process in order for you to be seen at our clinic again.  We will try to see you for your first appointment in our office around the 12th week of your pregnancy.