Low Risk Maternity Clinic in Calgary



Meadows Maternity and Family Practice is a group of female Family Physicians who practice low risk prenatal care and deliver at the Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary, Alberta.

We require a referral letter by fax (403-252-1765).  The referral must include up-to-date patient demographics, LMP or EDC, past medical and obstetrical history, medications and other relevant information including requested ultrasound and lab reports. Once the referral has been reviewed and confirmed to be low risk, your patient will be contacted directly by our office and booked for an appointment.  A  fax confirming her appointment will be sent to your office for  your records.  Your office will also be notified promptly if we are unable to accept your patient due to capacity issues or if she is considered to be high risk.

We will try to book your patient’s first appointment at approximately  12 weeks of pregnancy depending on appointment availability and the timing of the referral.  If you prefer our clinic to see them later in their pregnancy, please make this clear on the referral.

We will see your patient throughout her pregnancy and provide post-partum care to a maximum of 6 weeks.  At that time, ongoing care of mother and her newborn will be transferred back to you.