Low Risk Maternity Clinic in Calgary

Prenatal Resources


Prenatal Links, Resources and Handouts

AHS Prenatal Classes

Employment Insurance Maternity & Parental Benefits

Healthy Parents, Healthy Children: Get reliable information about pregnancy and parenting. Put out by AHS.

The Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Pocket Book: A quick reference guide for common ailments in pregnancy.

The Healthy guide to pregnancy: Public Health Agency of Canada: accurate information and answers to important questions related to a health pregnancy.

Physical Activity and Pregnancy

Pre Exercise screening form

Genetic Screening

Pdf. Chart comparing FTS vs.NIPT

Families Matter: learning opportunities that build confidence, competence & connection through life’s transition.

Motherisk: through Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital. This website has up to date information about medications that are safe in pregnancy.
Phone: 1-416-813-6780
Alcohol and Substance Use in Pregnancy: 1-877-327-4636
Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy: 1-800-436-8477
HIV in Pregnancy: 1-888-246-5840

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Substance use and Pregnancy

Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre: Free and confidential support for mom’s who may not have other supports. Can provide education and counseling.

Smoking in Pregnancy. Alberta Quits Program

HEALTH Link Alberta: Talk to a nurse about health concerns.

Immunizations and Pregnancy

Pdf. Pertussis vaccination in pregnancy

The Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists

Best Beginnings: Free and confidential program for pregnant women living on low income.

Cord Blood Banking: Information and FAQ for parents regarding cord blood banking

pdf. Cord blood banking options handout

Collecting Colostrum While You’re Pregnant

Gestational Diabetes: Basic information about gestational diabetes

Pdf. Gestational diabetes fact sheet

Fetal Movement Count

Group B Strep information: Basic education on Group B strep infection in pregnancy.

Placenta Position

Labour and Delivery Links, Resources and Handouts

Rockyview Hospital Virtual Tour

When Your Labour is Being Induced

Hospital Visiting Policy

Preterm Labour Handout

Hospital Checklist: What to pack for your hospital stay.

Post Partum Links

Early Start Information

Public Health Clinics

The Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Pocket Book

Post-Partum Depression

Post-Partum Depression Interactive Questionairre

Mother Risk

Immunization Information

Immunization Service Locations

Immunization Safety & FAQ

Alberta Health Services Immunization Information

Public Health Agency of Canada

Radiology (Ultrasound Facilities)

EFW Radiology – Central Booking Ph#403-541-1200

Maternal Fetal Medicine- Central Booking Ph#403-289-9269

Radiology Consultants – Central Booking Ph#403-777-3000

Canadian Diagnostic Imaging – Ph #403-212-5855

Sunridge Diagnostic Imaging – Ph # 403-568-7676

Pureform Diagnostic Imaging Clinic – Central Booking #403-726-9729