Low Risk Maternity Clinic in Calgary

Post Partum


You will receive a handout at the hospital which reviews many of the frequently asked questions related to post-partum care of mother to post-partum care of mother and baby.

First baby visit – Your baby will be weighed and the visit will focus on weight, feeding issues, jaundice (if present). Your baby will have a complete physical, with special attention on the heart, lungs and any other relevant issues. If there are any concerns, a follow up visit at 1 – 3 weeks post-partum will be suggested. If all is well, then a 6 week post-partum baby visit will be advised with your family physician.

6 week post-partum – This will be the final visit in this office. You will be weighed for the last time as well as blood pressure measurement, an internal and breast examination. Your doctor will review appropriate topics, including contraception/ family planning.

If you do not have a family doctor, please ask one of the lovely ladies at the front desk to provide you with a list of physicians accepting or register through the Primary Care Network at www.calgaryareadocs.com