Low Risk Maternity Clinic in Calgary

Suggested Tests


On behalf of your patient, we would like to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you are doing the initial prenatal work up, the recommended tests are listed below.  If you prefer that our office complete the physical examination including the pap and/or endocervical swabs, we are happy to arrange this for after their first 12 week prenatal visit with us.

Blood work         

  • CBC, TSH, Urinalysis,Urine C&S  (Requisition – routine CLS form)
  • ABO/RH Antibody Screen, HIV, HbsAg, RPR, Rubella (Requisition – Prenatal testing: Initial screen for pregnant women)


  • Pap Smear if required
  • Endocervical Swabs for GC/Chlamydia


  • Dating Ultrasound (if last menstrual period date is uncertain or menses are irregular)
  • Routine 18-20 Week Ultrasound (Recommended for every pregnancy)

Genetic Screening

Screening tests are optional and should NOT be ordered automatically during pregnancy.  A screening test should be done only if the patient wants the information that the screen will provide. Screening tests must be done during specific times of gestation.

  • First Trimester Screen (FTS) at EFW (11-13 6/7 weeks) – this is preferred over the Nuchal Translucency because it is more accurate.  It combines a nuchal ultrasound with a maternal blood test.
  • Nuchal Translucency Screening Ultrasound (NTS) (11-14 weeks)
  • Maternal Serum Screen (15-20 Weeks) – this is generally not recommended unless the FTS or the NTS were not done and the patient requests screening.  This testing should NOT be offered to anyone who has had a FTS or a NTS in their pregnancy.
  • Amniocentesis  (15 – 18 weeks) – a diagnostic test offered to women if ≥ than 35 yrs of age at time of delivery and possibly if a patient has an abnormal FTS or NTS.   Genetic counselling is required and can be arranged by Maternal Fetal Medicine.

A useful link for patients and health care providers can be found at Early Risk Assessment Program