maternity care

We are pleased to provide compassionate, patient centred prenatal care for low risk pregnancies.  Deliveries occur out of the Rockyview Hospital.  Patients and their babies are followed in clinic until at least 6 weeks postpartum.


Prenatal Care

  • First  visit  at  approximately  12  weeks  with  both  our  clinic  RN  and  one  of  our  physicians.
  • Prenatal Visits:  
    • first  visit  to  28 weeks- every 4 weeks
    • 28  to  36 weeks- every 2 weeks
    • 36 weeks  to  delivery- every week
  • Optional  labour  Talk  with   RN  at  approximately  34-36  weeks

Genetic Screening

Screening for fetal genetic abnormalities is optional.    Testing  options  include:

  • First  Trimester  Screening  (FTS)
  • Non-Inasive  Prenatal  Testing  (NIPT)  -  private  pay


Diagnostic testing  options  after  a  positive  screen  include:

  • Chorionic  Villus  Sampling  (CVS)
  • Amniocentesis]

Comparison  Chart

See  Early  Risk  Assessment  for  more  details

Labour and Delivery

  • Deliveries at Rockyview General Hospital
  • Present directly to  the  Women’s  Specialty  Unit-  Unit  62  if  you  think  you  are  in  labour  or  have  urgent  medical  concerns
  • typical  stay  postpartum:    
    • vaginal  delivery-  24  hours
    • cesarian  section-  48  hours
  • Visitation  policies


  • Public Health Nurse visit arranged through hospital for within 48 hours of discharge
  • First clinic visit  for  mom  and  baby   3 to 5 days after discharge from hospital
  • Follow up visits every 1 to 3 weeks as needed
  • Final clinic visit at 6 weeks postpartum
  • Further care to be provided by your family doctor